About Leo Luccini

The website you are visiting now started off somewhat different. A couple of years ago this webshop sold custom made suits for men. Customers could pick a suit online and fill in the necessary measurements for a custom size. When the order was made, a message would go to our contactperson in Thailand and the suit would be made there.

Since there have been some altercations in Thailand between the people and goverment of Thailand, we could not garantuee the deliverment of the suits anymore. Therefor the website was closed for a while untill it changed the direction towards the bracelets market. That’s where we are now.

Besides bracelets we also sell sunglasses. As far as possible we assemble the bracelets and sunglasses in the Netherlands ourself. Sometimes we also engrave the logo of Leo Luccini in the products if our supplier cannot do that. We that order the whole product from our supplier, disassemble it, engrave it and put it back together by hand.

In this way we want to offer good-quality handmade accessories of different styles and materials for both women and men.

Your questions, remarks or individual requests are welcomed by us through our contact page.


More detail information
Taxnumber: NL204874130B01

Chamber of Commerce number: 59064323